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Unionsoft Consulting

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About Us

Unionsoft is a Chinese senior consultation service company. It is China leading IT service company specializing in enterprise s informationization and consulting. It has unique solution in

the ERP increment application aspect. Unionsoft works in partnership with global partners, carry on a localization application with the

foreign forerunner's ERP technique project in China, which accelerate the process of business enterprise information-based of the

excellent business enterprise.

Unionsoft has one group of domestic and foreign outstanding managerial talent. It has formulated the practical and feasible business

goal and the developmental strategy. Simultaneously our company also has the unique personnel to manage the mechanism as well

as the rich training mechanism. The company existing staff near a hundred person, in which senior consultant and the professionals

account for 85%. It has the formidable everywhere service development and service executive ability and the experience. Until now it has successfully provided the management consult, ERP system implementation and support, as well as enterprise solution following

improvement plan for government department, electronic manufacture, machine manufacture, chemical industry, petroleum, automobile, consumable and so on. The existing success participation customer including the mechanical and electrical project bureau, SONY,

D-LINK, ARIMA, FLASH, MOMENTIVE, the Haire group, the storehouse Wagg high pressure electric appliance, the general automobile,

steam populace, Sinopec Group, the fine in cooking oil, the Run field group and so on.

Unionsoft provides from the high level management consultation, the service flow reorganization, the informationization construction

for the customer plans to the management information system implementation comprehensive business management system solutionand the service. Our specialization, standardized and the high standard enterprise solution and the advisory service and the

professional dedication has obtained strong approval from our customers and the realm. Facing day by day the intense global

competition, facing the fast development of the informationization domain, we should take on the challenge, think on own initiative

change, break through innovation, promote ourselves continuously; In the meantime, we as always will take conception “pondered at

times that will let us do better”. With this idea, we assist the enterprise customers with raising their management level the managementachievements and the comprehensive competitive power quickly and steadly.

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