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Unionsoft Consulting

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Keep thinking,we doing great. That's what Unionsoft‘s new requirements about IT. Technology is not only essential to business operations, but also the driving force of innovation and transformation. The leading enterprise is well aware of this, but they also understand that their own power alone can not achieve this goal. IBM can provide help. Unionsoft can provide a variety of skills and expertise, such as management consulting, outsourcing services, mobile program management, etc., can help businesses cope with more challenges about today's IT infrastructure.

Unionsoft services:

1. ERP management services:

Through ORACLE and SAP application service. Develop with a top speed during ERP, mobile solutions and  electricity business environment around global.

2. Network management services:

Analysis, design, implementation and management of integrated unified architecture and network solution environment to promote collaboration, business flexibility and smoothly growth.

3. Continuity core business :

Optimize business continuity, improve code administration, speed up the recovery from the accident disaster.

4.Process of business outsourcing:

Demand delivery based on BPO.

5. E-Commerce service:

To provide a more convenient shopping service based on the E-Commerce platform.

6. Mobile Internet services:

Based mobile Internet platform to provide a variety APP for enterprises using  to respond to changes and promote innovation.

7. Enterprise mobility:

Planning, managing and protecting the complex mobile environment.

8.Enterprise value information technology solutions:

From enterprise mobility solutions to the industry's high value solutions

9.IT infrastructure management services:

Transform the IT infrastructure to achieve critical business and IT goals

10. IT outsourcing:

Through cooperation, promote innovation.

11. IT training services:

Actual training services based SAP module, to accelerate the demand for the resources of the market resources, attract customers, promote value.

12. IT strategy:

Develop appropriate IT strategies to support business objectives.

13.Technical support services:

Simplified management and maintenance of multi vendor environments.

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