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Unionsoft Consulting

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Products of Unionsoft Investment

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Financial services and Insurance


Unionsoft financial services mainly focus on banking, insurance, finance companies, trust companies, asset management and capital management market. Our service location is to provide professional, high quality, financial sector customers the best cost-effective IT services and outsourcing.

In the financial services business scope,Unionsoft provide services are as follows:

1 Business consulting:

Based on that Unionsoft understand to financial industry and grasp the rich experiences  in fund management, trust business, helping

enterprise group to straighten out the management process, determine the business mode of operation, improve enterprise

management level and management efficiency;

2 Solutions:

Provide enterprise group finance companies, trust companies and fund management center solutions, realize the integration of management information processing for trust companies and financial companies, improve the level of fund management companies;

3.Implementation of the project:

Method theory of the implementation of PMP project management and ASAP , using mainstream SAP system project, analysises,

designs, developments and implements SAP system, provides more optimization and comprehensive information service for



The oil industry is technology intensive industries interinfiltrationed  by multidisciplinary and multispecialty, involves many aspects of oil and gas exploration and exploitation of oil field, drilling engineering, ground construction, petrochemical, oil storage and transportation

and sales management, material management, etc.. To control the enterprise's production cost, quickly capture market opportunities,

build the core competitiveness, we must establish a unified integrated management solution to the integration of the various

departments and business units, unified business ideas and processes. Its purpose is to integrate business processes and

information technology, to create and maintain business value. Carry out the transformation process through cooperation with

professional integrators, oil companies can be the company's customers, suppliers, logistics and finance management information

fully integrated, so as to enhance the enterprise competitive advantage.

High-tech and Electronic

Unionsoft is experienced in cooperating with many high technology company . With our own industry insight, commercial and technical ability for high-tech enterprises to provide solutions and services.

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