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Unionsoft Consulting

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"Information technology is by the core talent oriented" is Unionsoft principle, the core advantage of unionsoft is talent inevitably as high-tech consulting firm. Unionsoft is reason to become the market leader in SAP consulting, key lies in that unionsoft has a lot of experience and high-quality management, consulting and technical talent.

Unionsoft's core management layer is made up with rich domestic and foreign IT companies, especially has a first-class enterprise management consulting company and software company system operation experience of senior figures, the average working experience of 8 years of enterprise management service industry and application software industry and to the Chinese market and enterprise operation deep understanding,the future Unionsoft development of the business, for customers to provide quality service and market development has laid a good foundation.

The Unionsoft consulting team members are mostly from a number of domestic and foreign professional enterprise management and application consulting company. They have rich enterprise management consulting, information system construction, SAP management application system implementation experience. They have been in the domestic and foreign large-scale SAP implementation consulting project as project director, project manager and chief consultant positions.

Rich enterprise management consulting experience and professional work to ensure that we can provide high quality services to customers.

In terms of technology and solutions, Unionsoft works in partnership with German partners, with professional SAP solutions, for domestic and foreign business information application, and at the same time with a number of domestic and foreign well-known IT vendors to establish close relations of cooperation.

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