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Unionsoft Consulting

Management, consulting, service, outsourcing, training, electricity suppliers, investment, culture




Products of Unionsoft Investment

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Company Logo

Unionsoft Logo is made up with a blue and red diamond. Logo color is blue and red, blue

picks up from sea and sky, red takes the basic color of the Chinese national flag, and reflects the blue on behalf of science and technology, red represents the characteristics of vitality. The logo shows the  diamond on the whole, meaning development strategy of Unionsoft. Multi rhombus symbols Unionsoft high-tech and vitality main business set. A corner of the red

diamond highlight to the right, not only shows Unionsoft hightech update speed and , also

breeds Unionsoft infinite vitality and creativity. The appearance of a diamond shape, reflects

Unionsoft create a harmonious science and innovation.Red referents the source of vitality ,

symbol Unionsoft flourish and a bright future.

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